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CalTech Water provides free consulting on several water treatment applications


How CalTech Water Adds Value

Local, Quick Responsiveness

Get quick quotes, answers, help, responses and more

Local Advocate

We are your local advocate when dealing with the manufacturer

Local, Friendly Customer Service

Never have to deal with factory customer service again

Local Inventory On The Shelf

Your critical parts, spares and filters will be on the shelf in Irvine, CA

Local Technical Support

Get prompt, local technical support including site visits

Local Training

Local, onsite product demos, training and re-training available

Local Next or Same Day Delivery

Local same or next day delivery from Irvine on critical parts, spares, filters

Local Returns Accepted in Irvine

Authorized returns are accepted at our warehouse in Irvine, CA

and More...

CalTech Water is respectful, honest, hard working, responsible, reliable, dependable, and polite to manufacturers, customers and prospects

No matter how technical the filtration problems or challenge may be, CalTech Water has the education and experience to get up to speed quickly, uncover the facts and propose solutions with the quickest return on investment

CalTech Water has what it takes to work with your company in order to understand the water application and goals, then draft a prompt, economical win-win-win solution

We Can Help With...

CalTech Water can help you get set up to test for any of the following in real time using an online analyzer: Total Organic Carbon (TOC); Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD); Conductivity; Dissolved Oxygen; Fluoride, Oil, Hardness, Silica, Sodium, Dissolved Hydrogen, Chlorine, Conductivity, pH

No matter how technical and complex your discharge permit issue(s) may be, CalTech Water has the education, experience, contacts and knowledge to get it resolved quickly.

CalTech Water is experienced in the following regulatory compliance organizations as they relate to water treatment: OSHA, EPA, FDA, NSF, and ASME.

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