CalTech Water to launch on May 1, 2018

CalTech Water to launch on May 1, 2018

California Technical Water officially launches on May 1, 2018.

Expert technical sales representation

California Technical Water (CalTech Water) provides professional, pro-active technical sales within California’s water markets for manufacturers of technical, innovative products. The support includes: prompt lead follow up; prompt replies to emails and voice mails; follow up phone calls, emails and site visits; opportunity tracking using Pipedrive; joint sales calls with manufacturers; trade show attendance; and sales forecasts.


Well connected in California’s water space

CalTech Water is well connected within several water markets in California. These include drinking water, groundwater, process water, produced water, stormwater, and wastewater. With over 5,000 contacts in California alone, CalTech Water can connect manufacturers’ innovations with those in California who need it most.


Not over-extended

Other manufacturers’ representative firms have 40 to 50 lines to juggle. If you are not one of their top 3 lines, are they really focusing on growing your market share in California?

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