About California Technical Water

California Technical Water (CalTech Water) is a manufacturers’ representative firm that assists manufacturers of innovative technical products in getting their products introduced and sold in to key water applications in California including, but not limited to the following markets: agricultural, biomedical, commercial, environmental, industrial, institutional, municipal, nautical, and petrochemical. Our activity is logged in a customer relationship management (CRM) cloud based platform called Pipedrive which allows each manufacturer to see in real time all of the active opportunities CalTech Water is working on for their products and services in California – again, in real time – from any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Dale Miller is a biochemist and former scientist at NASA’s LBJ Space Center Houston where he worked in the Water & Food Analytical Lab (W.A.F.A.L.) in the Life Sciences Building (building #37) with fellow scientists (Richard Sauer, P.E., John Schultz, Ph.D., Mike Kuo, Ph.D., Randy Gibbons and Dave Flanagan) supporting micro-gravity studies and developing the water recycling and reuse system for the space station Freedom; acquaintance Dave Wolf, M.D. resided in the same building at the same time prior to becoming an astronaut. After NASA, Dale worked as a research scientist for Exxon Chemical Company’s Baytown Polymers Center assisting Mun Fu Tse, Ph.D. in water based polymer adhesives and coatings research and development using Exxon resins as the base. In 1991, Mr. Miller left R&D for a career in outside technical sales and has had exceptional success selling groundwater remediation solutions (CETCO); wastewater solutions (CETCO); online analyzers testing metals and chemicals in water (Waltron); drinking water, groundwater, storm water, process water and produced water filtration (FSI, Pall and Pall Water). During his 27 years in outside technical sales, Dale has had the opportunity to learn from the best and take formal sales and negotiating training (Miller-Heiman, Sandler, Karrass, and more) and has exceeded annual sales targets 25 years out of 27 with one being in 2009 due to the late 2008 economic bubble bursting. After 11 years with Pall Corporation, Mr. Miller resigned his position (Western US Sales Manager) with Pall Water on good terms in March of 2018 before starting CalTech Water in May, but looks forward to working with fine people and products at Pall and Pall Water moving forward. Dale and his daughters reside in Irvine, California.