Factory sealed case of 50 brand new authentic Pall FSI 10 micron polypropylene felt (externally glazed to prevent fiber migration) bag filters for the Pall FSI model X100 bag filter housing. Each filter has a plastic flanged top with built in handles that is welded to the felt bag filter. The plastic flanged top press fits against the inner wall of the X100 housing just above the restraining basket to provide a hermetic seal that prevents bypass around the top of the filter (forcing the liquid through the 1 micron portion of the bag filter) and prevents the filter from floating upward in back flow or static conditions. The authentic original factory part number for these filters is BPONG10X01. Shipping is free within the continental United States.

You are ordering one single box of new in factory sealed box of authentic Pall FSI BPONG10X01 bag filters which contains 50 of these filters.

Note: photo of Pall FSI box is just representative of the factory sealed Pall FSI box of BPONG10X01 you will receive.



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